Marketing for Socialtopias

sports tagline and apparel for social media network

Socialtopias Sports Marketing Design

Socialtopias is a fledgling social media network that encourages the user to experience and explore every aspect of life. As a sponsor of The Charlotte Hornets, Socialtopias relied on The Image Forge to create a memorable sport-themed shirt design.

Socialtopias Sports Marketing

Socialtopias'  directions for their promotional apparel was to use The Charlotte Hornet team colors and to "keep it simple." But we know that there is a tremendous difference between 'simple' and 'bland.' A quick brainstorming session led to a slogan that reflects the sport-centered theme and we are proud to say the motto was trademarked and is now worn by Socialtopians and sport enthusiasts all over Charlotte.

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"Life is a sport, go play!" is a registered trademark of Socialtopias, LLC.

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